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Sedona 6 Piece Satin Heatless Curling Rods

Struggle no more to create the perfect styles for your hair. Ditch the potential hair damaging heated hair tools with these comfortable, flexible and easy to use curling rods. These heatless rods can be used with damp or dry hair and can be worn overnight to fully set the curly or wavy look you want to achieve.

Sedona 6 Piece Satin Heatless Curling Rods


Traditional hot tools can cause your hair to lose its natural sheen and become brittle and rough.


No special skills needed. 


  • Just take 5 minutes to place the curling rod on your hair and start wrapping.

  • Bend curling rod upwards to hold in place.

  • Keep in hair for at least 3 hours to overnight - Longer the better!

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