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Sedona 4 Piece Satin Heatless Curler Set

With our heatless hair roller, you can turn flat straight hair into curly and voluminous hair. If you like full, springy, and curly hair but are looking for a less damaging way to achieve this look, then this is the ideal way to curl your beautiful hair.


Why We Love It:


  • Machine washable and quick drying time

  • Easily bendable & lightweight

  • Designed to be comfortable during sleep

  • Maintain natural hair oil and softness

Sedona 4 Piece Satin Heatless Curler Set


STEP 1 - Begin with slightly damp hair. You can mist dry hair with a spray bottle.


STEP 2 - Part your hair down the middle and position the tube over your head. Use the clip to secure and anchor the tube to the top layer of your hair.


STEP 3 - Begin with a small section of hair in the front and wrap around the tube. Continue wrapping, adding more sections of hair to the original section as you make your way down the tube.


STEP 4 - When you reach the ends of your hair, secure a scrunchie to keep hair in place on the tube. Repeat on the other side.


STEP 5- Remove the clip and keep the tube in hair for a minimum 6 hours. We recommend wearing while sleeping.


STEP 6 - After 6 hours, remove the scrunchies and let curls glide gently down the tube. Brush out with a wide tooth comb for fuller, tousled waves. Add hair spray for extra hold.

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