AIRY- White Ceramic Stone Diffuser

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  • L+W BIO Ceramic Stone Diffuser is an easy way to elevate your home décor and fill up your space with relaxing fragrances. The ceramic stone touch is stylish and minimal piece to add to any room of your in your house. Breathe deep and put your body and mind at ease by diffusing your favorite oils a natural way. Guide your senses after a long day.


    HOW TO USE:.
    1. Hold base and remove outer cover. Remove the water tank cover, fill water tank up to the Max level line indicated.
    2. Add the recommended amount of drops of your favorite essential oil or blend to make your own signature scent. Then secure the stone cover back on.
    3. Press and hold the mist button on the front to turn on the diffuser.
    4. Choose timer setting desired.
    (See manual for further instructions)

    Boost mood with ambient light setting
    • Remove stone cover to reveal lamp.
    • Press and hold the S button. Light will shift though all colors.
    • Press again to lock in preferred color in place