REVIVIFY - LED Mirror Mini Fridge

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  • L+W BIO REVIVIFY LED Mirror Mini Fridge is an innovative beauty device that works as both a cooler and a warmer for beauty tools, skincare products, and medications. Cooling your skincare products including, moisturizer, serum, toner, and masks, can deliver a cooling effect that helps to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags, reduce inflammation, and tighten pores. Cooling also extends the shelf life of skincare products, ensuring their freshness. Use the warming setting on damp towels, beauty masks, and tools for opening pores, soothing aching and tense muscles, and promoting blood circulation. The mirrored LED door has 3 brightness settings making this the ideal accessory for your morning or evening beauty routine.


    HOW TO USE: After making sure all switches are off, plug the power cord into a power source. To use the cooling setting, set the power switch at the cooling position, a green indicator light will turn on. To use warm, set the switch to the warming position, the indicator light will turn red. To adjust the brightness of the mirror light, press the sensor button on the mirror.


    TIP! This mini fridge can also fit up to 6 of 12 oz. canned beverages. So you can enjoy your favorite drink while taking care of your skin.