RECOUP MINI - Pink Deep Tissue Muscle Massager

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  • L+W BIO RECOUP Deluxe Deep Tissue Muscle Massager is a mini but powerful set of massaging tool, featuring 4 replaceable heads and a carrying case for travel & storage. The deep penetration of vibrations helps to relieve sore and painful muscles, improve blood circulation, increase range of your joint motion and reduce muscle fatigue. These steps promote muscle repair and help the body quickly restore.


    HOW TO USE: Choose from the 4 head options to use and insert into the massager. Press and hold the power button to turn on, then light will turn on with gear speed level 1. You can increase the level of speed and pressure by pressing the same button, up to speed level 6. Press seven times to turn off the massager.

    PRO TIP: Great for use before exercise during warm-up, or after exercise and any hard activity.

    Round Head: For large muscle groups
    Y Head: For neck and spine
    Flat Head: For relaxing muscle
    Pointy Head: For joints and deep tissues